Page 9 - ipma italy journal_vol 1_02.2015
P. 9

IPMA ITALY Journal of Applied Project Management
                                                                Volume 1 no. 2 (July 2015)

                       Management of order
                        variations in complex

             Tommaso   An order variation can be notified anytime. Even an
             Ruggiero  experienced project manager can’t predict what and
                       when will be changed from the original scope. A
(IPMA Level B)         variation may be a good chance to boost a project
Project Manager -      that is running short of resources. But it might also
GE Oil & Gas, Turbo    trigger a domino effect and jeopardize a project that is
Machinery Business     on time and on budget. Scope expansion, wrong
Unit                   estimations, conflicts between stakeholders, financial
                       issues, and unexpected constraints are just examples of
                       the most common drivers for changes.
                       The following article addresses the challenging area of
                       “change management”, with some real cases from GE
                       Oil & Gas experience.

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