YC Cocktail Milano "Prospect Engagement Technology: Project Management reflection, service design & value" - 9 maggio 2017

9 Maggio 2017 Chris Swingler

Con la partecipazione di:

Chris Swingler, Amministratore Delegato New Leaf B2B


Martedì 9 maggio 2017 ore 18:30

presso Casa Milani, Via Eustachi 40, Milano


Chris Swingler - Short Bio

Multi-country experienced with IT background, now he works both in Export Consulting and Prospect Engagement Technology.
With his experience he offers services to companies and desires to introduce his competences also in Italy, where he has already cooperated with Propath Continental in partnership with Expo Consulting (Bologna).
He is the Owner and Director of New Leaf B2B which provides Prospect Engagement Technology Services.
During his presentation, Chris Swingler will talk about the Prospect Engagement Technology that he conceives, using the following focal points:

•Project Management reflections
•Service Design & Value
•User feedback



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L'evento si terrà in lingua inglese e sarà accompagnato da un aperitivo di networking.