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Milano Smart City: dalla realizzazione di Porta Nuova ai progetti che cambieranno la città nei prossimi anni - Young Crew Cocktail a Milano, 16 luglio 2019

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IPMA Young Crew Italy vi aspetta il 16 luglio insieme a Pietro Perelli, Founder & Chief Executive Officer di Perelli Consulting, per una serata di networking in cui affronteremo tematiche legate alla complessità della gestione di grandi progetti.

Dal progetto di rigenerazione urbana di Porta Nuova che ha reso Milano protagonista in questi ultimi anni fino ad arrivare ai molti progetti futuri di riposizionamento del tessuto urbano esistente. Comprenderemo inoltre come Milano stia evolvendo la sua struttura di Smart City.



Per registrarsi compilare il form: https://yccocktailmilanoluglio2019.eventbrite.it 

L'eventosi terrà: 

Martedì 16 Luglio 2019 alle ore 19:30 presso 55 Milano in via Piero della Francesca 55

L'incontro è aperto a tutti e sarà accompagnato dal consueto aperitivo (consumazione obbligatoria del locale € 12,00).







IPMA Project Management Championship: National Final with Flowserve Worthington - May 11, 2019

Immagine3National Final of Italian IPMA Project Management Championship took place on May 11, 2019 at Flowserve Worthington in Desio (MB).


Students’ teams had to solve out the business case “PMO in Action! New project management challenges for Flowserve”. They were asked to act like they were the Project Management Office and had to propose a solution facing off the big difficulties caused by the process transformation in act, globally, into the corporate.

It has a been a great experience for all the participants that were enthusiastic and glad to have this opportunity.

They were also allowed to visit the production plant of the company.

At the end of the day the Jury announced the winning team that is going to represent Italy at the International IPMC Final in Nuremberg (Germany) between May 31 - June 2, 2019.

Team's members are:

- Antonio Rinaldi

- Alessandro Simeoni

- Daniel Tofino

- Enrico Vannucci


They all comes from Politecnico of Milano.


A special thanks to Flowserve Worthington that hosted the event and organized a case study that has allowed students to grow and improve their personal and professional skills.




IPMA Project Management Championship: Qualification Round Results

pmcThe Qualification Round of IPMA Project Management Championship 2019 is ended on April 24, 2019.

IPMA Young Crew Italy is pleased to announce the six winning teams who will participate to the National Final at Flowserve Worthington (Desio) on May 11, 2019.

The winning teams are:

1° Politecnico di Milano
Team: Antonio Rinaldi, Alessandro Simeoni, Daniel Tofino, Enrico Vannucci
Score 77%

2° Politecnico di Milano
Team: Sebastiano Martinalli, Francesco Meroni, Elena Guarneri, Marco Miconi
Score 74%

3° Università degli Studi di Bergamo
Team: Valentina Cortesi, Giulio Maria Bigi, Giulia Rota, Matteo Zambelli
Score 73%

4° Politecnico di Milano
Team: Martino Masseroni, Mattia Landi, Riccardo Lodi Rizzini
Score 69%

5° Politecnico di Milano
Team: Riccardo Gaetani, Tommaso Faccioli, Filippo Giuliani
Score 67%

6° Università degli Studi di Brescia
Team: Michele Volpe, Lorenzo Dancelli, Alessandro Thedy, Umberto Peroni

Score 63%

The winning teams will receive an invitation by email with all the details about the National Final.

We remember that the winning team of the National Final will participate to the PMC International Final in Nuremberg (Germany) between May 31 and June 2, 2019.

Besides, the winning team of the National Final will be invited to the National Forum of Young Project Manager, organized by IPMA Young Crew Italy.



Get Global Recognition with the IPMA Awards


IPMA Project Excellence Award 2019

Ogni anno IPMA premia i progetti di maggiore successo offrendo, con gli IPMA Awards,

un riconoscimento e una visibilità internazionale alle organizzazioni che hanno saputo

raggiungere risultati eccellenti nella gestione di progetto.


Fino al 20 maggio 2019 sono aperte le Application per partecipare all'IPMA Project Excelelnce Award scegliendo tra le due categorie disponibili:


Large & Mega Sized Projects

Small & Medium Sized Projects


Guidelines e Application Form sono disponibili ai link sopra indicati.

Maggiori informazioni sul sito ufficiale degli IPMA Awards: https://awards.ipma.world/


Le premiazioni dei Vincitori si terranno a Merida, in Messico, il 1 ottobre 2019 in occasione dell'IPMA World Congress.




IPMA Research Conference 2019 and OTMC 2019 - Zagreb, Croatia September 04-07, 2019



IPMA Research Conference 2019 will go in parallel with 14th International Conference on Organization, Technology and Management in Construction and IPMA Megaproject SIG which will be a perfect setting for networking

IPMA Research Conference 2019 and Organization, Technology and Management in Construction 2019 will serve as an excellent opportunity for collective brainstorming and exploring together the known and unknown boundaries of construction management and project management.

Topics such as Managing Megaprojects, Building Information Modelling Project Management, Trust and Corruption in Projects will serve a unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge and personal competencies, challenge your thinking and widen your network.

Updated, extended and fully refereed versions of the best papers presented that fit the scope and mission of Organization, Technology, and Management in Construction: An International Journal indexed in Web of Science Core Collection will be published in a special issue of the journal.


Venue: Hotel Westin, Zagreb, Croatia

When: September 04-07, 2019


More information: www.otmc-conference.com/ipma-research-conference



Webinar: Introduction to the Project Excellence Awards, category: Small-/ Medium-Sized projects - April 15, 2019

This one-hour marketing webinar will cover the IPMA, the Global Project Excellence Awards category:

Small Medium-Sized projects as well as the awards process.

When: 15th April at 2:00 PM 

Duration: 1h



award small medium cat


The webinar will answer the following questions:

- What are the benefits of applying for the Award?

- How can you apply?

- In which categories can you submit an application?

- How are the applications judged?

- What are the next steps in bringing you closer to receiving an award at the IPMA Global Awards Gala?


For more information: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. 




IPMA Council of Delegates Communique Copenhagen, Denmark 31 March 2019

IPMAThe International Project Management Association (IPMA) is a federation of presently 72 member associations, that promotes competence in project, programme and portfolio management across all sectors and engage stakeholders around the world in advancing the discipline.

During its spring Council meeting on 31 March 2019 at Copenhagen, IPMA discussed the strategic importance of trust for successful project implementation and sustainable results. In an increasingly projectified world, relationship-building and collaboration depends on trust between all relevant parties. For example, through Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in construction projects partners strive to achieve a collaborative alliance of people, systems, business structures and practices in order to optimize project results, increase value, reduce waste, and achieve sustainable solutions through all phases of a project. Rather than each participant focusing exclusively on their part without considering implications on the whole project, IPD brings all participants together early with collaborative incentives to maximize value (see also IPMA´s Research Conference 2019 in Zagreb).

The Council of Delegates concludes that:

• Individuals engaged in projects shall strengthen their competence regarding “Relationships and engagement” building on trust (see IPMA ICB Version 4.0)

• Leaders shall foster a culture of trust within the own organisation as well as towards all partners involved in projects, programmes and project networks;

• Organisations shall establish mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders involved in projects for achieving sustainable results (see IPMA OCB Version 1.1).


IPMA President Dr. Jesus Martinez-Almela confirmed that “in a world that threatens to drift ever further apart, mutual trust in projects becomes even more important for achieving sustainability. All leaders are called to action, fostering trust and building collaborative relationships. IPMA supports society through its Global Standards and shares knowledge and experience across countries, continents and cultures to enable a world in which all projects succeed.”


This has been released concurrently by all 72 member associations of IPMA.

For any question or information: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. 



IPMA Project Management Championship 2019 - Registration is open until April 24

Immagine2IPMA Young Crew Italy has the pleasure to announce the opening of the Italian Project Management Championship 2019.

Online registration for the Competition are available from March 28 until April 24, 2019.

Teams, composed by 3/4 students, can register following the indications reported below.




To subscribe you are asked to write an email to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. with:

- names of participants (3 or 4 students for each team) nominating a Team Leader;

- name of your University;

- name of your Team;

- contacts (email and phone number) of all participants.

After, you will receive a communication for confirmation with all the details to proceed to the Registration to the first stage (Qualification Round).


1° STAGE: Qualification Round (open from March 28 until April 24, 2019)
Each team, composed by 3/4 people, is allowed to take the Qualification Test (100 questions in 100 minutes) at any time from March 28 till April 24, 2019. To access to the online platform and answer the test, registered teams should follow the instructions indicated by email after their registration request. Remember:

> Each team can attempt to take the test only one time;

> Questions are in English language;

The results of the Qualification Round will be published during the week of April 29, 2019 - May 3, 2019.

The winners will be the first six teams with the highest score. In case there will be two teams with the same score at n.6 we will admit the first one that took the test in chronological order.


2° STAGE: National Final in collaboration with Flowserve Worthinghton - Milan - May 11, 2019
The winning teams at the Qualification Round will participate to the National Final, that will be hosted at Flowserve Worthington Headquarter in Desio (MB) on May 11, 2019. The National Final consists of a business case study, organized by IPMA Young Crew Italy in collaboration with the company. Teams will have to solve out the case study and presents their project solutions in front of a Jury.
At the end of the day the Jury will announce the National Winners of the PMC.


3° STAGE: International Final - Norimberga (Germany) from May 31 until June 2, 2019
The national winning team will be invited to participate to the International Final of IPMA Project Management Championship, that will take place in Nuremberg from May 31 till June 2, 2019.




The Project Management Championship is an international 3 stage competition supported by IPMA and organized by National IPMA Member Associations with their Young Crews. PM Championship objectives are to enhance student involvement in the field of project management, to rise the interest in professional project management at a national and international level, as well as to advance the dialogue, the knowledge sharing and know-how between research and the business world.



Register now for the IPMA World Congress in Merida! September 30 – October 2, 2019

meridaThe 31st IPMA World Congress “Integrating Sustainability into Project Management” will take place on September 30th – October 2nd at the new International Convention Center in the city of Mérida, State of Yucatán, Mexico.


A three days program with eight conferences from international world-class Keynote Speakers, aimed to set the tone for the day.

The program will cover project trends and development on clean energy, infrastructure development, automotive and aerospace, agribusiness and rural development, smart cities, mining, tourism, and environment.

LINK: https://www.ipma.world/news/global-premiere-ipma-world-congress-2019-website-register-now-ipma-world-congress-merida 






merida PROGRAM






Join the IPMA Global Research Community!

RESEARCH AWARDThe IPMA Research Awards aim to promote excellent research to enhance project management. With the annual awards, IPMA recognises recent outstanding contributions to the development of the field and professional project management through professionally conducted research.


The time schedule for 2019 is already published:

1) Submit the Application Report by 20th of May

2) Receive notification about Judge’s decision by 1st of July

3) Network with prestigious global Project Management Researchers at the 7th IPMA Research Conference in Zagreb on 4th– 7th September 2019


Apply in one of two categories:

IPMA Global Young Researcher Award

Recognising outstanding research by a young researcher (someone under 36 years old or less than 10 years involvement in research)

IPMA Global Research Award

Recognising an outstanding research project from a researcher or research team


For more details please visit our website.


Join IPMA webinar to get to know the IPMA global standard on Project Excellence!


The aim of this webinar is to get familiar with the IPMA Project Excellence Model, an integral part of the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline. This is also an opportunity for potential applicants to the Project Excellence Award 2019 to learn about the benefits of participation and to get a brief introduction to the award process.



7 February 2019 – 12:00 CET, click here to register

6 March 2019 – 12:00 CET, click here to register

Duration: 1 hour


The webinar will answer the following questions:

- How to use the Project Excellence Model for continues improvement of project management in your organization?

- What are the benefits of the assessment process?

- What does it mean to become the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award winner?

- What are the next steps in becoming a part of the IPMA Global Awards Winners Club community?



ATTI DISPONIBILI - Convegno Nazionale IPMA Italy - The “projectification” of the economy: how the private and public sectors answer the new challenges - Milano, 24 Gennaio 2019

projectification 2Data e ora: 24 gennaio 2019 ore 09:00 - 17:30 

Sede: ASSOLOMBARDA, Auditorium Gio Ponti, Via Pantano 9 a Milano

Durante il Convegno viene approfondito il tema della "projectification" per comprendere come questo processo stia influendo sugli aspetti culturali e organizzativi delle aziende e più in generale sull’economia globale. 


Il programma è consultabile nella LOCANDINA





01. R.Wagner_IX IPMA Italy National Congress_24012019

02. A.Calabrese-G.Capaldo_IX IPMA Italy National Congress_24012019

03. P.Perelli_IX IPMA Italy National Congress 24012019

04. P.Martinez_IX IPMA Italy National Congress_24012019

05. C.Scott_IX IPMA Italy National Congress_24012019





Il Convegno prende spunto dai risultati della prima ricerca condotta in Italia da IPMA Italy relativa alla “projectification” delle aziende e più in generale dell’economia. Questa indagine ha l’obiettivo di valutare come e in quale misura questo fenomeno stia incidendo anche su aspetti culturali ed organizzativi, da prospettive aziendali, di supply chain, di filiera e settoriale.


- Projectification: come i progetti/programmi impattano sull’economia globale;

- Impatti sui Megaprojects nei diversi settori industriali e nelle diverse esperienze;

- Le necessità di sviluppo del project management nella Pubblica Amministrazione;

- I contributi degli approcci Agile nei processi di trasformazione del Business.



Quote e modalità di pagamento sono riportate nelle schede di iscrizione (corporate, individuale e studenti)

disponibili al seguente LINK.

I soci IPMA Italy/ANIMP e i certificati IPMA e Introductory hanno diritto ad iscriversi con quota ridotta.

Per gli studenti la partecipazione è gratuita ed è richiesta l'iscrizione tramite l'apposito form.

Il numero di posti riservato agli studenti è limitato e verrà data precedenza ai certificati Introductory Level.

I selezionati riceveranno una specifica mail di conferma partecipazione.



INTRODUCTORY IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Evento e Consegna Attestati Università di Cagliari 17.10.2018

A termine della prima edizione del MiniMaster Introductory in Project Management, organizzato da ANIMP/IPMA Italy per l’Università degli Studi di Cagliari, si terrà un evento rivolto agli studenti dell'Università, in occasione del quale verranno consegnati gli attestati della Certificazione IPMA Italy Introductory Level.

Durante l'evento sarà presente come testimonial Alessandro Gelli di Sarlux per raccontare e condividere con i presentile esperienze in project management maturate all’interno della propria organizzazione.


Alla conclusione verranno consegnati gli Attestati rilasciati da IPMA Italy “Introductory Certificate in Project Management”.


Il programma dell'incontro è riportato nella locandina qui a seguito disponibile per il download:



L'evento si terrà mercoledì 17 ottobre 2018 dalle 15:00 alle 17:00 presso l'Aula Magna della Facoltà di Ingegneria e Architettura dell'Università di Cagliari.




Workshop in Project Management di IPMA Italy allo SMAU Milano 2018 – 24 ottobre 2018

Banner mi18 300x250In occasione di SMAU Milano 2018 IPMA Italy è lieta di invitarvi al workshop:



Il workshop è tenuto da Giuseppe Pugliese, Direttore della Certificazione IPMA Italy,

il giorno 24 ottobre alle ore 10:30 nell'Arena Mobiliy Smart Communities.



Il workshop prende spunto dai risultati di una prima ricerca condotta a livello internazionale da IPMA (International Project Management Association) relativa alla “projectification” delle Aziende e più in generale delle economie nazionali. Quanto sono rilevanti le iniziative “progetto” nelle aziende? Quanto incidono nei risultati economici di una Nazione e sul suo PIL? E in quali settori industriali?


Questa indagine non ha solo l’obiettivo di effettuare la prima rilevazione quantitativa nel suo genere ma vuole essere soprattutto un punto di partenza diverso, di tipo top-down, per riflettere su quanto questo fenomeno stia incidendo anche su aspetti culturali ed organizzativi. Da questa prospettiva emergono infatti fattori che rendono simili diverse sfide che le Aziende stanno affrontando, molto più diffuse di quanto si pensi.

Nel workshop discuteremo delle competenze richieste a coloro che operano nell’ambito del project-programme-portfolio management.



Le iscrizioni sono aperte: link


Dove: SMAU Milano - Arena Mobiliy Smart Communities (pad. 4, FieraMilanoCity)

Quando: mercoledì 24 ottobre 2018 ore 10:30 (durata 50 minuti)

Maggiori informazioni: link




Young Crew Cocktail "Le Soft Skills: Una Miniera d'Oro" - Torino 26 giugno 2018

Ospiti: Elisa Martinotti, Program Director presso UTC Aerospace e Presidente AIGEST

          Luca Orlassino, Innovation and Change Manager in Gi Group

Evento organizzato in collaborazione con AIGest Laureati


IPMA YC Cocktail Torino 26062018

Quali sono le soft skills più importanti per un Project Manager e come queste possono influire in una carriera nella gestione dei progetti?

Durante la serata Elisa Martinotti, Program Director presso UTC Aerospace e Presidente AIGEST, dialogherà con Luca Orlassino, Ingegnere Gestionale e Innovation Manager in Gi Group, il più grande gruppo operante in Italia nella ricerca e selezione del personale.

Verrà descritto e commentato quanto le competenze non propriamente tecniche siano indispensabili nella gestione aziendale e nel raggiungimento degli obiettivi di progetto.


Il primo evento realizzato in partnership tra IPMA Young Crew Italy ed AIGest Laureati, gruppi di professionisti con solide affinità e complementarietà che presenteranno anche ad amici e simpatizzanti le loro realtà.


L'evento si terrà martedì 26 giugno alle ore 19:00 presso B-Evolution in via Virle 14, Torino.